The Many Faces of Mo'Z: A Solo Show by Stikki Peaches

S16 Gallery is proud to host the exhibition romeo's gin 5th anniversary: The Many Faces of Mo'Z, from November 13th to 20th, 2020, at 377 Rue Saint-Paul West, in the Old Port of Montreal. 


As part of its 5th anniversary, romeo's gin has partenered with Stikki Peaches and S16 Gallery to bring over 30 variations of Mo'Z, the artwork featured on the bottle of edition 01 of romeo's gin. 


These unique pieces produced by Stikki Peaches, created using his tradition mixed media process proudly unveil the multiple faces of Mo'Z, displaying a variety of moods, convictions, and powerful messages. 


Learn more about the exhibition 


3 of Mo'Z's new faces will also be featured on romeo's gin bottles, in extremely limited quantities! Offered in duo-packs, each along side the original edition, these bottles will be available exclusively on SAQ shelves, starting mid-November at a cost of $79.75 (Two 750ml bottles). 


Find the romeo's gin two-pack at the SAQ 

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